Sekishu-Banshi (Tsuru / Mare)


Sekishu-Banshi is the type of washi made only from 100% locally-grown kozo. It has a slightly yellow color tone, yet offers a strong resiliance with qualities like higher resistance to ink or pigment bleeding and durability against folding. With its natural gloss and resiliance, Sekishu-Banshi delivers the highest level of quality in Japanese traditional washi paper.

Various sizes (hankiri, zenshi, and makishi) are also available. Sold at partnered department stores and retailers. Also available via our order form.

We have two different grades of Sekishu-Banshi:

Sekishi-Banshi Tsuru
Tsuru (鶴)
35cm × 25cm 20 sheets

Sekishu-Banshi made according the Important Intangible Cultural Asset requirements.

Sekishu-Banshi Mare
Mare (稀)
35cm × 25cm 40 sheets

In addition to the Tsuru production requirements, the process for Mare grade includes 1) hand beating, and 2) sun drying on wooden boards. These production methods are more traditional and intricate than those of Tsuru grade.

More Original Kawahira Products

Kami-no-Kutsu - Baby’s First Shoes

Make a “first-step” memory for your baby with special shoes made of Sekishu-Banshi.

Baby’s first shoes made of handmade washi paper. Made to endure usage from even a very active baby without easily breaking. The shoe material is 100% strong and durable Sekishu Washi including the stitching yarns. No chemical bleaching, coloring or adhesives applied.

Included Sekishu Washi inner paper box and paulownia outer box keep the shoes preserved for many years.

Choose from two types, a completed set or make-it-yourself kit:

Kami-no-Kutsu Baby’s First Shoes

Completed Set contents:

  • pair of shoes 1 set
  • special handmade washi box 1 pc
  • special paulownia box 1 pc
  • information card 1 pc
Kami-no-Kutsu Baby’s First Shoes

Make-It-Yourself Kit contents:

  • Sekishu Washi paper pattern 1 set
  • fine paper yarns for sewing 14 pcs
  • paper shoe laces 2 pcs
  • needles 2 pcs
  • instruction booklet 1 pc
  • blank washi paper for baby's name 1 pc

Paper Yarn

Paper yarns developed with our unique techniques. Useful for various crafts such as knitting and macramé lace.

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