We believe every element of the universe holds a spirit.

Since Japan’s ancient times, (paper 紙)
has been deeply respected in association with kami (deity 神).

Our strong, yet elegant, washi paper is made with traditional methods in the serene nature
of Misumi, Shimane, the Land of Kami.

Durable. Sustainable. Handmade.

The defining characteristic of Sekishu Washi is its strength, which is said to the most durable in Japan. Locally-grown raw materials, processed carefully by hand with sustainable traditional methods, and expertly formed with tesuki papermaking techniques are at the heart of our craft. Bringing this 1300-year-old tradition into the present day, Sekishu-banshi, a variation of Sekishu Washi, was the first Japanese traditional paper to be designated as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 2009.

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Custom-Made Washi Orders

From plant cultivation to finished product, our paper-making process is conducted with careful consistency, entirely by hand. Our expertise and control of the whole production process allows us to meet your needs with quality papers for a variety of uses including fine arts, craft, architecture, interior decoration, and restoration of historical objects.

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Atelier & Papermaking Workshop

For generations, Kawahira has been in the business of traditional paper craft, growing our plants (kozo, or paper mulberry, and tororo-aoi, or aibika plant) during the spring to fall agriculture season and making our handmade washi in winter. Deep in the peaceful nature of Misumi-cho, try your own hand at making World Heritage handmade paper.

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Address & Contact
Atelier Kawahira : Sekishu Washi & Banshi Production & Sales
683-3 Furuichiba Misumi-cho Hamada, Shimane JAPAN
Masao Kawahira (Contemporary Master Craftsman / Sekishu-Banshi Craftsmen Association Member / Sekishu Washi Cooperative Association Member / Licensed Traditional Craftsman)
Isao Kawahira
Phone / Fax
+81 855-32-1166


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